Why the new Apple Lightning cable is so damn good

The Apple Lightning Cable is back!

And it’s got a whole lot of new features that make it even better than the old one.

Apple has finally added support for two HDMI ports, so you can now use the cable with a number of different devices.

The Apple Thunderbolt Display Cable also comes with two USB 3.0 ports, and it’s still compatible with Thunderbolt Display devices like the Apple Watch and the MacBook Pro.

And if you don’t have a Thunderbolt Display, the Apple Thunderbolt cable has been updated to support it.

You can get the new cable from Apple’s website for $79.99.

The cable supports both Apple Lightning, Thunderbolt Display and USB-C connections, and supports a maximum of 30A of power.

Apple’s new Thunderbolt cable comes in two colors, but it’s unclear which is which.

The first color, the blue one, has the Lightning and USB connectors and the second color, a black one, does not.

We’ve contacted Apple to clarify which color is which, and we’ll update this article with any new information.

Apple is not alone in trying to make the new Lightning cable even better.

Dell, Asus and HP have also updated their Lightning cables with Thunderbolt ports, though the new cables are actually quite different.

Dell’s new Lightning Cable can support Thunderbolt displays, and the company is offering it for $129.99 from its website.

It also has an additional USB-A port for attaching a monitor, as well as two USB-3.0 slots.

Asus’ new Lightning is $199.99 and it has the same features as the Dell cable.

HP’s new version, the Thunderbolt Display cable, is available for $119.99, which is the same price as Dell’s new cable.

But if you’re looking for a Thunderbolt cable that doesn’t come with two ports, you’re in luck.

A number of retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target are now selling Lightning cables that do, in fact, support both Thunderbolt and USB ports.

These new Thunderbolt cables have some pretty interesting new features.

For one, they’re designed for use with the newest Thunderbolt devices.

If you have a Dell Thunderbolt Display or an Apple Thunderbolt Watch, you can use the new Thunderbolt Cable to connect your device to the new device.

The old cable can only connect to the Apple Lightning Display or the Apple Display, and you need to plug it in first.

When you plug the new USB-2.0 cable into your new Thunderbolt device, you’ll get a new menu on the bottom of the Apple MacBook Pro, as shown in the image above.

You’ll be able to choose between a variety of Thunderbolt options, including DisplayPort, HDMI, and Thunderbolt, and Apple is offering two different types of USB-S ports for the new ones.

You also get two USB Type-C ports on the new one.

There are also two USB 2.0 Type-A ports on both ends of the cable, so it can plug directly into any USB Type A or Type-B port, and they’re both capable of charging a device.

The Apple Thunderbolt Cable’s USB Type C ports have USB 3-type charging, and its Thunderbolt Display ports support USB Type 2 charging.

This means you can charge an iPad Air or an iPhone X directly from a USB Type USB Type 3 cable.

The cable’s USB-G connector is also USB-M.

If a device uses a Type-M connector, you won’t be able see the USB-B connection.

But if you plug in the new adapter, you get a USB-U connection, so if you need power from your Apple Watch, the new version can charge the watch and charge the device.

Apple hasn’t made any official announcement about which devices will support the new ports.

We don’t know how many devices are compatible with the new versions of Thunderbolt and Lightning, but Apple’s announcement on Thursday is that Apple is planning to ship 1.5 million Thunderbolt devices worldwide by the end of the year.

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