When will cable TV services be available in India?

The telecom regulator has said that it will start rolling out the nationwide roll out of telecom services, including mobile services, in India by the end of April.

However, telecom regulator TRAI had announced last week that it would roll out the roll out by end of March.

TRAI had said that mobile broadband would be rolled out by the beginning of April with data services to follow by the middle of March, while data services would start by the summer.

The regulator had also said that the roll-out of voice services would begin in April.

The telecom regulator had earlier announced that it plans to introduce a national broadband plan in April, as well as a national voice plan by the June 1.

This is likely to be followed by the rollout of 4G and Wi-Fi services.

There are plans to roll out Wi-fi services in different cities in the country, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, according to the company.