When the Monster Cable Show was on the air: ‘It was a real dream come true’

MTV News is reporting that a show called Monster Cable will be returning to the air in 2018, with the network announcing the new series in a tweet Monday morning.

“We’re thrilled to announce the return of the #MonsterCable to the MTV family,” the network wrote.

“It was the real dream coming true to be part of the creative team that brought you the hits from Nickelodeon and Disney.

Join us for the return to MTV in 2018 with this new series that is shaping up to be a hit.”

It’s unclear how much the show will cost, but the new episodes will likely be a bit pricier than what the network initially offered, as well as the original show.

The series will also feature new host and writer Dan Harmon, who created and co-wrote the series.

The new series, which has been described as a “special collaboration between MTV, Harmon and Harmonix,” will premiere in 2019.

Harmonix previously hosted “The Dan Harmon Show,” a talk show with a similar format.

The show originally aired in 2017 on Nickelodeons “Adventure Time” spinoff and will return for a third season in 2020.