What’s next for the cable TV industry?

Here’s what’s next in cable TV, as Dish continues to push its own lineup. 

The Dish Network is expanding into premium streaming services.

Dish announced a new package, the Dish All Access package, that includes a Dish Network TV subscription, an antenna, and the Dish App, which is currently available on iOS, Android, and Apple TV devices.

The All Access packages come with access to an array of content, including ESPN, TNT, and other local channels. 

Dish is offering the All Access in the U.S. as a standalone package for $50 a month. 

At CES, Dish also announced a number of other offerings, including Dish Network Sports Plus, Dish Network Digital TV, Dish TV Live, Dish Sports, and Dish Network Plus. 

This year, Dish is launching a new premium streaming service called Dish Network HD, which includes an antenna.

Dish also said it is adding an additional 200 channels in the coming months. 

Other major streaming services are already in the mix, including DirecTV Now and Hulu Plus.

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