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Comcast launches free broadband for all users in the US

Comcast has launched free broadband to its customers in the United States.The new service, which will be rolled out over the next few weeks, will be available to customers in states such as Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Alabama.The company said it will offer speeds of up to

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‘It’s not my fault’: Comcast employee says he didn’t know about security breach at DVI cable router

A Comcast cable employee says a security breach didn’t lead to a hack of his company’s network.According to the report by Buzzfeed, a Comcast employee who worked at the company’s cable router in North Carolina says he did not know about the security breach until after the fact.According the report,

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What you need to know about a new power surge charge system

Cable TV companies in California, Florida and Nevada have all started charging customers to install surge charging devices on their systems.The devices allow the TV to charge its batteries faster.But a study published by the American Academy of Engineering found the devices may have more problems than just their cost.The

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