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How to connect your home to the internet with a wireless router

When you have a wired connection, you can connect your phone, computer or tablet to the network, but you have to do it with an ethernet or wireless router.For example, if you use a computer connected to a wireless network, the computer is not able to communicate with your router

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Which cable is best for you?

The question of whether you should pay more for a wired or wireless broadband service comes down to how much you can afford to pay.But in the end, you don’t need to pay much to get a decent broadband connection.With the introduction of a new generation of wireless broadband technology,

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How fiber is coming to the US, in 10 minutes or less

Fiber is coming into the United States in a big way.This year, the US Department of Energy’s Office of Science has published a new report that outlines the potential for fiber-to-the-home and gigabit broadband to become a reality.Fiber is becoming cheaper, faster, and more widely available, with new projects being

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