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What’s wrong with the Cable Cables?

By Zvi Adel article Cables are becoming the most widely used type of power cord in the world, and they are a major source of pollution and noise.A cable is basically a metal tube that carries power from one place to another.Its very small and lightweight, and the cords are

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How to buy iPhone chargers and cable adapters

How to get a decent charger cable?If you’ve been following along with my tutorial, you probably know that I’ve been recommending using iPhone charger cables, as they are often the most affordable.If you’ve read the previous two articles, you know that this is a very common recommendation.But, if you’re not

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When a cable thief walks free after 30 years in prison

By USA Today Staff WriterThe case of an elderly New Yorker who walked free from prison after 30 decades after being convicted of stealing from a cable company has made national headlines, and some people wonder why the federal government is spending so much time and money trying to convict

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