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What’s next for the cable TV industry?

Here’s what’s next in cable TV, as Dish continues to push its own lineup.┬áThe Dish Network is expanding into premium streaming services.Dish announced a new package, the Dish All Access package, that includes a Dish Network TV subscription, an antenna, and the Dish App, which is currently available on iOS,

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Colts hold off Steelers for a big win over Steelers

The Indianapolis Colts had a chance to clinch the AFC North title, but they didn’t.Instead, they had to win a wild-card game, a wild card berth and a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII against the Pittsburgh Steelers.The Colts’ defense and special teams were the stars of the show as they

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New York Cable Companies Want to Bring DirecTV to the United States

New York’s cable companies want to bring Directv to the U.S., but some of them have reservations about the service.A group of cable companies is pressing to bring the cable giant to the country, according to a filing on Wednesday with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).The filing includes a list

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