‘It’s not my fault’: Comcast employee says he didn’t know about security breach at DVI cable router

A Comcast cable employee says a security breach didn’t lead to a hack of his company’s network.

According to the report by Buzzfeed, a Comcast employee who worked at the company’s cable router in North Carolina says he did not know about the security breach until after the fact.

According the report, the employee said Comcast had “a network problem,” but that he “didn’t know how to fix it.”

He told Buzzfeed that Comcast employees “do not know how important it is to encrypt your network.”

Buzzfeed says Comcast did not respond to a request for comment from Ars.

A Comcast spokesperson told Ars that Comcast “has a rigorous network security protocol that is designed to help protect our customers from unauthorized access and tampering of our networks.”

“Our network security team reviews all reports and issues any that do not comply with the protocol and immediately closes the report,” the spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for DVI said it has no comment on the report.