How to Upgrade Your Cable to Boost Your Internet Streaming Content

If you’ve been paying for Internet service for some time, you’ve likely heard the buzz about the impending introduction of net neutrality protections, which will require ISPs to treat all online content equally.

The FCC is scheduled to vote on the rules in June.

However, net neutrality is not the only issue that will be on the table.

As we reported earlier this month, an investigation by The Verge reveals that Comcast is planning to sue the Federal Communications Commission over the proposed regulations. 

Comcast is currently the third largest cable provider in the United States.

Its merger with NBCUniversal last year brought a lot of headaches for the cable industry.

The merger was opposed by the cable lobby, who feared it would lead to higher prices for consumers and an increase in congestion.

However in the wake of the merger, the FCC announced a number of changes to its rules.

Comcast has already begun filing lawsuits to block the FCC from enforcing the net neutrality rules.

As a result, some Comcast customers have reported that they’re unable to stream the shows and movies they love on their cable subscription.

The Verge also reports that Comcast has also begun charging customers for access to the web.

This is a very bad idea for the future of the internet.

For one thing, it forces Comcast customers to pay for the internet connection to access content, something that they shouldn’t have to do when it comes to streaming services.

Another issue is that Comcast may be able to use this information to determine how much customers are paying for access, which could result in the same problems as the Comcast/NBCUniversal merger.

The FTC is currently investigating Comcast’s use of such tactics in an attempt to force it to pay more money to consumers.