How to save cable, drill a cable alternative


(AP) For years, the pipe company that owns New England Cable said it could get away with only sending out about 100,000 per month to Vermont residents.

Now, it has a new plan to reach the entire state and will be sending out more than 1 million per month by early 2020.

The move is a big boost for the Vermont Cable Company, which has struggled to compete in a state where other companies are pumping out as many as 100, 000 cable TV homes per month.

The Vermont Cable company says it plans to increase the number of homes it sends to about 7.5 million by the end of 2020.

The company is also ramping up its broadband efforts and plans to deploy the first fiber optic cable in the state in 2021.

The company’s goal is to reach more than 2 million customers by 2021, which would be about 30% of the state’s population.

The Vermont Cable’s CEO said the company has no plans to replace the cable system.

The cable company’s move is an example of the companies increasing investments in other areas of the country.

New York City has installed 1 million new fiber optic lines in the past two years, and Comcast has installed about 1 million fiber optic connections in San Francisco and Boston.

The companies goal is different from those of other cable providers that rely on local businesses to help pay for their infrastructure.

For example, the New York Times reported in May that a Comcast subsidiary has built fiber optic cables for its employees in Boston, Chicago and New York.

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