How to protect your TV from a cyberattack

The cyberattack that crippled the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this summer has left millions of Americans without the services they need to enjoy the shows and movies they love, according to an industry survey.

The Hill reported Tuesday that the U.S. Cable Association estimates that between 100,000 and 250,000 Americans have lost access to services like HBO Go and Hulu Plus.

The cable industry, which represents the majority of cable customers, blames the hack on Russia, saying it is the result of a malicious actor using an unpatched software vulnerability in an older version of Microsoft’s operating system.

In a statement Tuesday, the cable industry said that it was in contact with the FBI, the U-S.

Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies about the attack and that it had begun implementing a patch that would provide the same security protections to all affected customers.

The hack, first reported on Monday by the Wall Street Journal, prompted the National Association of Broadcasters and other industry groups to call for more aggressive measures to protect their own networks.

The cable industry estimates that the DNC and DCCC have lost more than half of their digital services.

They have been unable to access their favorite shows and the movies they have watched, or access their social media accounts.

In addition, many of the cable companies that deliver their networks, like Comcast, are not equipped to respond to a cyber attack that could disrupt their networks.

While the attacks have hit cable and satellite providers hard, the industry said it has seen little damage to their digital networks.

The vast majority of U.s.

Internet users are using mobile devices and are not affected by the attack, the trade group said.