How to make your own ps4 charger

New Scientist – If you have ever wanted to buy a charger to charge your PlayStation 4 but haven’t got the money, or if you want to give your PS4 a new lease of life, you may be in luck.

The BBC has just announced that it has made a new “PS4 Power Cable”, which it calls “the perfect solution for gamers looking for a convenient way to charge their console”.

The new PS4 Power Cord has two connectors, one of which is standard PS4 charging (blue) and one of the “PS Power Cable” (red).

It is “100% recyclable” which is “a huge benefit”, says the BBC.

The cable will cost £20, or $32.99, and comes with a plug and a cord, so it won’t be the cheapest way to buy your PS 4.

But it is cheaper than the old, much cheaper “PS 4 Power Cable Plus” (pictured above) which was £49.99.

The new cable is the latest addition to the PS4’s standard PS 4 charger, and it comes in two colours: white and blue.

The blue cord is a smaller size than the previous “PS 3 Power Cord” and is the only one that comes with the PS 4, rather than coming in the new PS 4 Power Cord.

The BBC says the PS Power Cable “will be an excellent way of adding a bit of character to your PS console” and it will “simply put your PS into charge”.

The cable itself is the same as the PS3 Power Cord, and can be plugged into any of the three PS4 ports.

There’s also an USB Type-C port, so you can charge your PS Vita, and there’s a “3.5mm headphone jack”.

The cables are currently only available from New Stations UK, and will be available from Amazon in the UK from October.

The cord itself is made from 100% recycled polyester.

It has a “very lightweight, very durable, extremely long lasting, high quality, flexible and waterproof material”, the BBC says.

It is “available for pre-order at New States UK website starting October 3rd” and will “launch with retail availability on November 6th”.

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