How to keep your cat in your yard – Cable-TV news

CABLE TV NEWS: Cable TV NEWS is a monthly feature where Globe and Mail readers nominate the best cable TV channels for your cat to watch.

It is an honour to receive your nominations.

This year, the Globe and the City of Toronto are looking to nominate their favourite cat-friendly channels for the top prize.

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What to watch for when your cat is out: What to do if your cat gets into a fight with another cat?

Can your cat have fun with other cats?

What to say if your pet has been left in the house for an extended period of time?

Do you know the proper precautions for cats?

If you are worried about your cat’s health, the Humane Society of Canada recommends that you: Take your cat outside and leave it in a well-ventilated area.

Don’t leave it unattended, or leave it alone at home.

Do not feed it food.

Keep it in an area with plenty of ventilation and water.

Call the humane society if you see any unusual behavior, including sudden changes in behavior or behavior changes in your cat.

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