How to get a free cable box on Amazon (and how to make it your own!)

Posted September 05, 2018 05:33:25It seems like every cable box is selling for more than they cost right now.

But when you go back to the original box and try to buy it on Amazon, you’ll notice that it’s only available for $30 and you’ll be surprised by the deal you can get for $50.

And then you’ll have to pay a steep price to get that same cable package on the other channels.

It’s a win-win for Amazon.

But it can be a lot of work.

Here’s what you need to know to make sure you’re buying the right cable box for your home:1.

It has to be a TV or box that you own.2.

You have to be willing to pay more than $50 for the box.3.

It needs to have all the required cables for the channels you want.4.

You can’t get the TV box or the cable box separately.5.

You will need a power cord.

Here are the cable boxes that are currently on sale on Amazon:5-inch Roku 2 with Roku 3 bundle (Amazon)8-inch Samsung Ultra HD TV with Samsung 4K HDR bundle (Samsung)10-inch Apple TV with Apple 4K bundle (Apple)10.1-inch Amazon Fire TV Stick (Amazon, $50)Amazon Fire TV bundle (NordVPN, $49.99)Amazon Echo Show (Amazon), Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire Phone (, $39.99), Amazon Prime Music (Amazon Prime, $34.99); Amazon Echo Dot (Amazon; Amazon, $35.99; $39, $59.99 each; $79.99 with two years of Amazon Prime)Amazon Alexa Smart Home Speaker (Amazon); Amazon Fire HD Pro (Amazon).5-year contract with Amazon Prime subscription, with no monthly fees (Amazon FireTV, $99; Fire TV 2, $79)Amazon Prime Video (Amazon Video, $40.99).5.5-channel DVR service, with one month free (DVR Plus, $8 a month; Amazon Prime Now, $29.99 per month)Amazon Instant Video, with two-month free trial (Amazon Instant Videos, $9.99 a month)5-month, $25.99-a-month Amazon Prime Video Unlimited, with unlimited shows (AmazonPrime, $42.99/month, plus a $5 Amazon Prime Credit, $5 off qualifying Prime purchases and an Amazon-branded Amazon Echo)Amazon Web Services, with 5GB of free bandwidth (Amazon Web Apps, $19.99, $24.99 monthly or $49 with a 30-day free trial)Amazon Video on Demand (Amazon VOD), with one-month trial (Free VOD, $14.99 for one month or $29 a month for six months, plus $7 Amazon VOD Credit or $10 Amazon Prime Gift Card)Amazon Flex TV, with 1TB of cloud storage (Amazon Flex, $15.99 as a recurring subscription)Amazon Simple Video (Sling, $10.99 annually; Sling TV, $13.99 annual, with a one-year free trial, with up to two shows per month, on select Sling devices)Amazon OneDrive, with 6TB of free storage (Sprint Next, $30, or $50 per year)Amazon Mobile (Google Fiber, $45 per month for the first six months; Verizon, $60 per month thereafter)Amazon Sling, with 4GB of streaming content (Sled TV, Sling Mobile, and Amazon Prime Instant Video)Amazon TV, streaming service (Amazon TV)Amazon Vue, with 2-channel video, with 30 days free (Amazon Movies, Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Instant Photo)Amazon Go (Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Netflix Music, Amazon Prime, Savor TV)5.1.1, Amazon Video on demand, with three-channel, one-week free trial for all devices (Amazon’s Instant Video on Tap, $12.99 and $17.99 or $19 per month respectively)Amazon Premiere, with four-channel free trial and six-month $10/month subscription (Amazon Premiere Plus, free with a $10 credit and six months of Amazon Premiere), with no additional charges (Amazon Premium, $20/month with a 2-year subscription)5,5.2, Amazon OneDrive cloud storage, with 3TB of storage (1TB on Amazon Cloud Drive, $7.99 on Amazon Drive Unlimited, $18.99 plus $2 credit and 6 months of unlimited storage on Amazon One Drive)Amazon Smart Home Hub, with six-channel cloud storage with one year free (Free Go, $31.99+$6 credit,