How to fix your optical cable issue

The best way to fix the optical cable is to replace it with an Ethernet cable, according to one of the most popular video game developers, and he says it’s something that should be done immediately.

In an interview with Gamespot, Naughty Dog’s senior producer Chris Houser says the solution to the optical problem is simple: Use Ethernet.

He says there are a number of solutions to the problem, but “you want to replace the optical with an ethernet cable” and that “this is the only way to get that right.”

He says that even if you are using an Ethernet or a wireless network, the problem isn’t going away, because the cable is still going to be there in a few years time.

Houser said, “The solution to optical cable isn’t to have a cable that’s always going to have an Ethernet connector on it.

It’s not that hard to do.”

Housers suggested that people use an Ethernet port, which is used for connecting external devices, like a game console, to the computer.

“If you want to play an Ethernet game with your Mac and you’re going to the store, you want a network adapter that you can connect to,” he said.

“That’s all it is.”

Housers also said that the “one of the worst things” about having an Ethernet-to-Ethernet adapter is that it requires a lot of work, but he said that he and the rest of the team are working on a solution that should solve the optical issue.

The problem is not going away because the problem is a problem in the first place, he said, adding that it’s a “totally avoidable” problem.

“We’re going through the whole thing again and making sure that the cable’s a standard Ethernet cable that we can replace in the future,” he explained.

“If it’s not, then we’ll make sure it is.

And if it is, we’ll put in an Ethernet connection.

If it’s an Ethernet to Ethernet adapter, that’s it.”

He also noted that there are ways to get around the problem if you have an optical drive that has a “non-standard” optical connector, but they are “not very common,” so it’s better to have one that’s compatible.

Naughty Dog has said it is working on an Ethernet adapter that will “address” the problem.

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