How to fix a broken VGA cable

A VGA video cable that’s been broken for a few years may be out of warranty, but if it’s your only source of power for your laptop, then this article may be of assistance.

A few weeks ago, we found ourselves at a tech store where we were looking for a new power source.

The power supply had been replaced several times in the past, but when it was finally returned to us, it had the same problem.

The cable was in the wrong direction and wouldn’t connect.

It didn’t seem to be connected to the motherboard anymore, so we decided to fix it ourselves.

We got to work by cutting out the wrong side of the cable, but it didn’t fix the problem completely.

Instead, we ended up with a broken power cable that had a short fuse and didn’t work as well as it should.

After contacting the manufacturer, we received a replacement cable that worked perfectly.

We installed the replacement power supply and it works as expected, but the problem persists.

After a few weeks, the problem was fixed and we were able to use our new power supply.