How to buy BTC on Cat 6 cable

Bitcoin mining is still a fairly new and risky activity for many people, but that has not stopped some people from getting a quick payout on their bitcoin, according to Crypto Coins.

According to a Reddit thread, a user by the name of “Pandabear” has been mining BTC on a Cat 6 service for a few months, using a BTC miner to do so.

After spending a few minutes digging around, Pandabear decided to look into buying a Cat six cable, which he purchased for a little over $30.

After purchasing the cable, PandaBear posted a video to YouTube explaining how to set it up.

PandaBear says that his experience was much more than what he had expected.

He says that he was surprised to find out that the Cat 6 is “so far off from the norm” that it is hard to estimate how much of a gain he will actually see.

“This was definitely a huge gain for me,” he wrote.

“It’s pretty hard to say, but I believe I’ll make over 10K before the end of the year.”

According to PandaBear, he was able to mine BTC for around $20 per day before the cable was discontinued.

The video below demonstrates how to get started mining BTC with a Cat6 cable.

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