How to buy a Blue Ridge cable and USB cable

Blue Ridge Cable, the largest provider of residential and business internet service in North Carolina, is about to close.

The company said Tuesday that it will be shutting down after 20 years.

It is expected to take about 2 million customers and close all of its locations.

Blue Ridge said it will lay off 1,000 employees.

Blue Valley, which has about 3,200 employees, will close as well.

The announcement came after Gov.

Roy Cooper announced a state-wide shutdown on Wednesday, saying he had been informed of the closing of the company.

The governor announced that the state’s internet service providers were cutting off all internet service starting Thursday.

Cooper said the shutdowns would be for the benefit of customers, and he said he was looking forward to having them back.

The governor also signed a bill that would give the state a new budget for the coming fiscal year and allow the state to spend up to $1 billion on its internet service.

Cooper also said he would use the money for projects, like restoring the state water system.

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