Fox TV is launching a new cable channel with a new name

Updated December 08, 2019 09:50:53Fox TV, which is owned by Fox Broadcasting Co, is launching its own streaming service, FoxCable, on Tuesday, with a name that will reflect the channel’s brand.

The new channel, which will be available on both Apple TV and Apple TV Classic, will be known as FoxTV, the network’s name being a play on the Fox Sports name.

Fox TV is the only Fox channel that has not yet launched a new product.

The channel has not had a new Apple TV product since late 2017.

The channel will be called FoxCables, with the channel name set to change every year to reflect its brand.

“We are thrilled to announce FoxCabs.

It’s the name of a new channel.

It is the brand name for the channel, and it’s the brand that we are aiming for,” Fox TV chairman and chief executive James Murdoch said in a statement.”

It is the perfect fit for Fox and the channel that it represents.”

FoxCabs will be a digital-first, subscription-based service that will offer an assortment of cable programming and pay-TV channels.

It will include shows from Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports 1, Fox News Live, Fox Nation, Fox National, Fox Top News, SportsCenter, Fox Golf, Fox Family, Fox TV and Fox Sports Sunday.

FoxCables will have an initial offering of three channels and an expanding lineup of content, including new shows, and the network will add more content to the lineup each year.

“FoxCable is a product that will be unique to Fox TV.

We believe in delivering a unique, unique channel,” Fox CEO Dana Walden said in the statement.

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