Cox Cable outage causes headaches for thousands of customers in Southern California

A major cable outage in Southern Californias biggest cities has caused thousands of Cox customers to lose access to the internet.

The outage began at 5 p.m.

PT on Wednesday, causing widespread blackouts in several major cities including Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, San Francisco and Oakland.

“Cable customers in Los Angeles will be unable to access Cox internet service.

Cox will also not be providing service to other Cox service providers in Los Angles city centers,” the company said.

CFO Mark D’Arcy told The Associated Press that the company is “working to restore internet service to Cox customers as quickly as possible.”

The outage also affected Cox’s California-based CableSatellite service.

“We are aware of a Cox Cable Internet outage affecting Cox Cable customers in Long Beach,” the cable company said in a statement.

“The affected Cox Cable service is not currently available for service.”

Cox says it is investigating the cause of the outage.

“Although this outage is occurring in our Southern California market, Cox Cable is committed to providing a high-quality service to our customers and will continue to work to restore service as quickly and safely as possible,” the statement read.

The company is also offering a free trial of its online TV service.

The cable operator also said it was offering a complimentary service for customers who lost internet service in the past 24 hours.

“As a Cox customer who lost Cox internet access, we’re offering a FREE trial of our online TV streaming service to help ensure your connection is working as expected,” the service said.

“Please allow approximately two weeks for your service to fully return to normal.”

It’s unclear how many Cox customers are affected by the outage, which the company called a “precautionary measure.”

Cox said it would refund customers who had already paid for the cable service.