Comcast, Cablevision, and Dish will offer a free streaming service in 2017

Comcast, cable and internet provider Dish are teaming up to launch a free and secure streaming service that allows consumers to stream live sporting events on their devices for no additional cost.

The new streaming service, called Comcast Sports, is a subscription-based streaming service and will allow customers to stream sports, entertainment and video content from Comcast, Comcast Cable and Dish, the companies said in a press release.

It’s a direct response to the cord cutting trend, with consumers increasingly looking to get their news, entertainment, and sports on the go instead of paying an internet provider.

Consumers have been asking for free streaming and Comcast has been offering it for years, but many have struggled to get it to work for them.

But this new service is different, with Dish, Comcast, and other players joining forces to offer a service that doesn’t require subscribers to pay for their own internet.

This new service will be free to subscribe to and will offer access to live sporting event streams for no extra cost.

Dish, for example, said it will allow Comcast subscribers to watch its NFL Network, NBA Network, NHL Network, MLB Network, NCAA, NHL Playoffs, NCAA Men’s Division and NCAA Tournament on their smart TVs.

Other content is available for free via Comcast, Dish, and DirecTV.

But if a customer doesn’t want to pay Comcast for the service, they can subscribe to Comcast Sports and get access to all the content.

Comcast says it will also offer streaming of live sports at lower data rates to subscribers who sign up through the service.

Dish and Comcast have been collaborating on the service since the start, but Dish was originally the exclusive partner.

Dish was able to leverage its own network of fiber optic cables to build a massive network that enabled Dish to build out the service for its subscribers.

The launch comes a week after Dish announced a deal with the University of Michigan that allows it to expand its network to Michigan for the first time, but the company said it also plans to build new fiber optic networks in other states and expand its reach throughout the country.

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