‘Cheap Cable’ TV Ratings Fall By 30% in 2016-17

The 2018-19 season was the worst year for cable television in nearly a decade.

The cable channel cable crossover (CableCox) suffered a drop of about 30% last season from its 2017 peak of around 5.3 million total viewers.

The drop is especially notable given that the Crossover saw an increase in viewership in the last three years.

According to Nielsen, the crossover’s viewership dropped from around 4.7 million viewers in 2017 to 2.6 million viewers last season.

This year, it’s still down around 5 million viewers, but it’s likely a decline in viewership from last year.

According the Nielsen data, CableCox averaged around 1.2 million viewers per episode during its 2017 season.

That’s down a little over 1 million from last season’s peak of 4.9 million.

The average episode of CableCax has slipped from 8.5 million viewers to 8.2 milions.

This season, that number dropped from a high of 13.9 milions to 13.6 milions in the final weeks of the season. 

Crossover’s viewership declined by about 10% this year from last, and this is the biggest drop in the network’s history.

According Nielsen, Cable Cox’s ratings dropped from 6.4 million viewers a week in 2017, to 5.7 milions a week last year, and now down to 5 milions per week.

This is not a bad drop, but this is only a small drop from the last crossover, which dropped from 4.8 million viewers the week before the crossover ended in 2019.

It’s worth noting that last season, Cable crossover averaged around 3.8 milions viewers per week during its prime time slot.

This fall, it dropped from 3.5 milions during the primetime slot to 2 milions this season.

The crossover dropped by 2.4 milions from the season prior to its final days last fall. 

The drop in CableCX ratings is not as great as it might appear, however, since it’s hard to make a strong case for CableCx’s viewership dip in 2016.

In a post on the Creditors blog, the authors of the study say the C2C drop could be explained by viewers tuning out of cable channels.

The study’s authors point out that in a typical week, the average cable channel typically pulls in a million viewers.

This means that at a certain point, the C4C audience (i.e., viewers who have watched at least three episodes of a given cable channel in the past week) could be a bigger factor. 

In addition to the cable crossover’s ratings drop, Cable TV’s overall ratings dropped in the 2016-2017 season, and even more so than in the 2017-2018 season.

According a recent study by the Wall Street Journal, cable TV’s ratings fell from 9.3 milions last season to 7.6 millions in the first half of this season, down more than 10% from last.

This could be the result of cable networks struggling to attract new viewers, or the fact that viewers are increasingly tuning out.

The C2Cs fall was also much larger than the crossover drops. 

A C2c decline could be attributed to cable networks’ lower quality content, as well as the fact the number of viewers on cable is falling.

The fall of Cable C2s may also be the consequence of advertisers leaving cable channels, or even their cancellation. 

What’s the takeaway?

It’s possible that the drop in C2 Crossover viewers could be an indicator that the cable channels have not been delivering high-quality programming.

As the Nielsen study notes, the drop was also bigger than the drop of the crossover, and a big part of that could be due to viewers opting to watch online instead of watching the networks originals. 

If cable TV has a problem with quality content and it’s a factor, then the drop could signal that the networks could be struggling to find new viewers.

In an ideal world, all of the networks’ content would be on the same platform, but as cable TV becomes a major player in the advertising and media industries, it may not be enough. Read more:

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