Cable TV in 2019

Cable TV subscriptions have surged by an estimated 8 million subscribers to 1.9 billion in 2019, according to a new report from Cablevision Systems. 

The report by Bernstein Research estimates that the average household will be able to purchase about 1.5 cable subscriptions in 2019.

The average household has also increased its monthly cable bill by $1,900 to $14.50, Bernstein said. 

With the rise in cable subscriptions, Bernstein noted that cable companies are investing heavily in infrastructure.

The company also expects to add about 500,000 additional TV subscribers in 2019 alone, the company said.

The cable industry’s overall growth rate has slowed, as consumers have turned away from the television service and have opted for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, according the report. 

Cablevision’s stock fell 4.5% in after-hours trading on Thursday. 

In 2019, Bernstein expects cable subscriptions to hit a record level of 1.8 billion.

The number of people who use cable to access their television is expected to hit 1.7 billion by 2021, Bernstein added. Read more: