Av Cable: What you need to know about the future of broadband and mobile

The future of cable TV is in the hands of cable and wireless companies, with more than half of households expected to get cable and streaming services from these companies by 2020.

The cable and satellite industry’s chief executive, Brian Roberts, said that “cable TV is now a $3 trillion industry” with “more than 60% of the world’s cable TV households” and “cord-cutting is becoming a norm across the board”.

He said: “In the UK alone, the number of households subscribing to cable and other digital TV services has grown by a staggering 80% over the past 12 months.”

This is a global industry and a global opportunity.

Cable is the global communications infrastructure, and if you don’t have a cable, it’s not a way to connect with the world.

This is why I’m very excited about the opportunities that cable offers in this space, and what’s on the horizon.

“The industry also predicted that “by 2020, more than 100 million people will be connected to the internet, and more than 60 million households will be using broadband, and wireless broadband”.

The report comes amid the global debate over the future and potential of wireless broadband and cable TV.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that while there is a “huge opportunity” in wireless broadband, there is also a “high risk” of people’s health being harmed by it.

The BBC’s digital media correspondent, Tom Harris, said the report showed the industry’s “tremendous capacity” and the potential to “make a huge contribution to global health”.”

With a lot of people connected, and with this technology, you can imagine how this could have massive implications for public health,” he said.”

What this report really demonstrates is that the future is looking very bright.

“But, with a lot more work to be done.”

He said the industry could help build the network to deliver better, faster internet access for everyone.

However, the report said the “broadband market is still dominated by three big players: Google, Apple and Microsoft”.

The BBC is not commenting on the findings of the report.

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